SC Uplift

Jacqueline (Williams) Bowman

Jacqueline (Williams) Bowman a South Carolina Native. She attended Rutledge College where she studied Food Service Management and graduated in 1989 with an Associate Degree in Food Services. Jacqueline later attended Midlands Technical College, where she achieved a License in Practical Nursing and graduated in 1994. Jacqueline worked with patients who suffered Chronic and Acute Renal Failure during her tenure. She loved working in the Dialysis Chronic Unit and providing direct patient care. 

Jacqueline has been and remains to be very instrumental in working with noncompliant patients by way of educating them and helping patients to understand the complexities and harsh realities of Dialysis. Jacqueline transferred in 2011 to Orangeburg SC where she joined Singleton Health Center to provide Community Chronic Health Care Coaching in tandem with participating in Clinical Trials; prior to being forced into retirement due to health complications in 2016.

Jacqueline enjoys working in the community, empowering persons who suffer from social and economic frustrations. Jacqueline (Williams) Bowman today is the Co-creator and Co- Founder for “New Day of Seven Principals” an organization whose mission is to unite the African American Community through Collective Economics among other things.