SC Uplift

Jacqueline B. Green

Jacqueline B. Green

Master of Business Administration concentration in Science and Leadership

Southern Wesleyan University 

Church Ministries:

  • Co-advisor of the Scholarship Committee for RMBC
  • Deaconess Ministry
  • Christian Educational Council
  • Pastor Aid Ministry

Volunteer Duties:  

  • Legislature Advocate for AARP
  • Member of the Board of Directors for local AARP Chapter 753.
  • Chairperson for Community Services Projects
  • Vice President of local AARP Chapter 753
  • Past Treasurer for Local AARP Chapter 753
  • Member of the Multicultural Team for AARP
  • Vice president of the Flora Springs Park HOA.
  • Board member of SC Uplift Community Outreach
  • Tax Aide Counsel for State AARP

AARP Volunteer Assignments

The duties include attending training twice per year to be abreast of the local as well as national priories for AARP.  The training includes communication skills, writing letters, short speaking engagement, and to serve seniors that are less fortunate.

I met once a year with legislators to ensure that they supported the AARP priories for our state.  I communicate with various business leaders to enhance our partner relationship of the AARP.

Other Responsibilities

I also work parttime for Columbia Mall for 10 years as a trained, lead Customer Service Representative.  The duties include scheduling of shifts for other customer service employees, balancing money at the end of shift, resource person for customers shopping in the mall, gift wrapping for customers, etc. 

Before retirement, I work for SCDHEC and SC Laboring, Licensing and Regulation. 

My job title was Manager II.  Duties involved but not limited to working extensively with the public and private business sectors of the state, EPA, on the regulations of state regulatory items.  Duties also included scheduling of certain EPA tests twice per year, ordering and receiving certain supplies for the laboratory, EPA Training twice per year for new laboratory employees, and involvement in the computer aspects of these assignments.